Rockets, Pentecostals, Oprah, and the Spirit..

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Being With God, Part 3

This was my first heartfelt prayer: “God, I don’t want to serve you, but I will.” 

I was seventeen and finally gave in to God. I knew that I couldn’t run from him anymore. So I said it. Those were my exact words. Sounds real spiritual, doesn’t it? For years I ridiculed that prayer. But I’ve come to realize that it was about as pure a prayer as I have ever prayed in my entire life.

When Prayer Sucks…The Life Out Of You

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Being With God, Part 2

I used to hate prayer. But that was before I became a new kind of person. It all started back in 1997. I thought the most important day in my life was January 3 that year, when I said, “I do,” to my wife. But when a preacher in Waco, Georgia took us aside for a few hours, just a month later on February 5 (long story), and explained the gospel to us, our eyes were opened. I was raised from the dead.

Tiger Woods, A Journeyman & Being With God

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Being With God, Part 1

I sort of feel like Tiger Woods’ golf coach in writing this blog about learning how to be with God (AKA prayer). Who’s really qualified to coach Tiger Woods, a guy many would say is the best golfer on the planet? And if such a person exists, why is this person coaching and not playing? Like seriously. If you’re good enough to *coach* Tiger Woods, surely you can play against him!