A Short Thought On Offenses: In The Trenches

By Ron Surgeon  /  

An aspect of our faith that can inspire us toward forgiveness is the understanding of our inherent moral weakness, which inclines us to perpetually offend God- a God who perpetually forgives. The acknowledgment of sin in ourselves includes us as contributors to humanity’s problem. What a savory little taste humble pie for us all.

A Discovery Bible Study: In The Trenches

By Ron Surgeon  /  

In my last blog I used the term discovery bible study. What is a discovery bible study? It is a simple means of studying scripture that is highly participatory in contrast to being “preachy.” A series of simple questions are asked repeatedly in order to extract truth from the passage. Questions are asked and answered until the participant(s) feel that all the possible answers have been exhausted. One thing we must aim to do in discovery bible study is to let the participants actually discover what is in the passage. Don’t teach, don’t preach, just discover.