This event form is for all Renewal or Renewal sponsored events outside of Sunday and Youth gatherings.

Please submit this event form within 60 days of your event. Events are not final until this form is completed and approved with a conformation sent to you via email. We will schedule your event on the calendar and notify facilities, departments, and advertising. Provide a brief description of the event. Complete all categories and write N/A on items that are not applicable.

Coordinator/Contact Person *
Coordinator/Contact Person
Phone *
Date of Event *
Date of Event
Start Time of Event *
Start Time of Event
End Time of Event
End Time of Event
(Note: All childcare will be on the basis of availability and approval of Renewal Church. )
Additional Security?
Parking Lot Assistance?
(Please consider additional costs for childcare workers and security teams. If you are needing a Check Request or the use of a Renewal CC, please submit a break down of expenses to be approved before purchasing.)
(Based on the cost need mentioned above. Please be as detailed as possible)
(Note: All pre-made signage or promotional material must be approved before displaying at Renewal's facilities or web based applications. Use of Renewal Church's name or logo requires approval, and HANDWRITTEN SIGNS OF ANY KIND ARE NOT PERMITTED.)
(List the dates and times you will be needing space. This includes setup or rehearsal dates)
(i.e. table clothes, decorations, number of tables, chairs etc.)
(i.e. tools, carts, etc.)
(Please describe in detail what technical equipment you may need and what you would like to be able to do, i.e. ā€œIā€™d like to make an announcement with a microphone and be able to play a DVD video,ā€ etc.)
(i.e. popcorn , cotton candy, and helium tanks can be used, but make sure you have a trained volunteer who knows how to operate the equipment.)
(Include janitorial needs)
(Make sure volunteers are trained. Meet with them if necessary before the event to provide training. It is recommended that every worker be identifiable: name tag, wearing the same color, t-shirt, uniform, etc.)