Renewal Family: "Your Family Pastor"

By Robert Jones  /  

Hello Renewal Church! I wanted to take a few moments and say how thankful and excited I am to begin my new role at the church as Family Pastor. Our family has now been at Renewal Church for over a year, and we are so blessed to have found such an amazing church to call home. We can’t imagine being anywhere else! And God has truly provided for us in opening up this position for me as your Family Pastor.

I LOVE family! I love the family I grew up in, I love the growing family God has given me (my wife - Kim, my kids - Ellie, Meg, Samantha, Mason), and I love my Renewal family. I have a strong conviction that the church family and the home family are central to God’s design in revealing himself and his love to the world. Both are instituted and created by God, not man, and both have a unique role in renewing the brokenness of the world and our lives.

It will be an honor (and a challenge!) to lead the Klubhouse ministry at church on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights for the K-5th graders. I’ve got MASSIVE shoes to fill! Ami and Tommie have been so faithful and have done such an amazing job for this church for so many years. Praise God for their ministry!

In addition to leading Klubhouse, my goal is to help you parents and guardians any way I can to better love your children and point them to Jesus (as well as loving EACH OTHER…which we all know can often be more difficult! ha!). Whether your child is 3 or 35, I want to partner with you in being a God-honoring mom or dad.

I’ve got LOTS more to say, but I’ll save it for my sermon on August 14 and for future blogs. Until then, I ask that in this new job, you give me grace, and that you give grace to your kids and to your spouse. Lord knows we need as much of it as we can get!

Your brother in Christ,