A Short Thought On Offenses: In The Trenches

By Ron Surgeon  /  

An aspect of our faith that can inspire us toward forgiveness is the understanding of our inherent moral weakness, which inclines us to perpetually offend God- a God who perpetually forgives. The acknowledgment of sin in ourselves includes us as contributors to humanity’s problem. What a savory little taste humble pie for us all. The personal acknowledgment our moral weaknesses and habits of failure helps us to not only become the initiators of forgiveness, but receptors of it. A proper view of sin allows us to view the wrong doings of others as a mirror reflecting to us our own potential.

Therefore forgiveness can be viewed as a means of demonstrating compassion, since we are equally capable of performing the same act that offended us. This can contribute immensely to our healing as we empathetically see ourselves in the face of our offender. A perspective of this sort will nurture in our hearts an ever-widening humility. In addition, we will find ourselves escalating down the staircase of moral superiority.