Boom! Our God Reigns!

By Ron Surgeon  /  

After Chris' sermon last week, a first time visitor felt God's conviction and desired to ask for prayer. He realized the darkness of this world had such power over him. The moment that his foot stepped into the aisle he was being compelled from within to come before the elders for prayer. He'd never prayed before so I advised him to express to God all that was on his heart. As he spoke, tears began to roll down his face. Once he finished, I prayed over him. Then I asked him if he knew the gospel. He didn't. I asked him if I could explain it to him and he said yes.

After hearing the gospel he replied, "Wow, I never knew that God loved me that much! WHAT do I need to do to have this?" I said, "Trust in Jesus, trust that He really did this for you and abandon your way of living for His way. Jesus is a true Savior. He really rescues people." At that moment he received Jesus as King over his life. I introduced him to Chris who gave him words of wisdom concerning trusting in the truth and not in the momentary "good feeling" which can and will fluctuate. Afterward, he gave me his information and I contacted him a few days later. I wish that you could've heard his excitement over the phone... and the stories! This guy is on fire!

Yesterday I met with this man to begin teaching him how to follow Jesus. This dude has been meeting with his family every night to read scripture and pray (This was his automatic response- it was initiated by the Spirit). He said, "I don't know what I'm doing!” He's so excited! He said, "I want to be the best that I can be for my family." They've cut out tv this week. He says he wants to protect his mind from filth and not let the "box" dominate his life. He also said, "I don't know where I'm getting this from." I told him, “God is teaching you.”

He's also been sharing his story with people on the job.

During our meeting we went over the gospel several times and talked about baptism. I encouraged him to share the gospel with his wife that evening, call her to commitment (trust in Jesus and give up her way for Jesus' way) and talk with her about baptism. He was thrilled.

He's also putting together a list of everyone that he knows who is far from God, believing that God could win them through him.
He's hungry! When I told him that I would train him he responded by saying, "Nothing in my schedule is more important than this. I'll move anything out of my schedule to learn."

That night he led his wife and son to Jesus through faith and repentance. BOOM!!! Our God reigns!